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Which Meat Cut IS The Best For A Good Grill?

Proteins are an integral part of our regular diet, and a grill party is one of the best ways to spend quality time with the family. From grilling, the best pieces for burgers and chicken are still considered top tier; there are now numerous other kinds to delve into.

But, what are the best types of meat for grilling? Let’s find out.

The Classic Rib Eye Steak

It is best to start the ball rolling with the most common and easy one; the rib eye steak, a classic. They are one of the best grilling options for starters. This cut of meat is so named because of its origin. This piece of meat comes from the ribeye muscle present on the back of a cow.

Location is essential in every aspect, even when it comes to the muscles.

We want tenderness and succulent pieces, and since this muscle does not get much worked up the entire life, it is supremely tender and has top-notch fat marbling. So, as a result, you get a juicy, all-over melt-in-your-mouth indulgence.

A boneless ribeye steak for grilling is the best option to choose from. What makes it so apt? Well, it looks better and evenly and suitable for short cooking time and high temperatures.

T-Bone Steak

It is as fancy as it sounds; a T-bone steak is not cheap but trust us, it is definitely worth the cost. The meat piece gets its title from the middle bone with a shape that looks like a capital T.

But what makes this cut so unique and why does it cost so much? It is because the steak is primarily two in one namely, a New York strip on front side and filet mignon on the other side of the bone.

You get the best of two great flavors in one steak, so it is an exciting option. Talking about grill, a T-bone steak cooks best on it when you make use of both direct and indirect heat.

The first step is searing directly over the flame and later on, in the next step, set it to indirect heat to reach your ideal temperature.


Not everyone is always in the mood to eat standard cow meat all the time. If you are looking for a fancy change, you can make use of the good old-fashioned grilled swordfish. It is pretty simple to make and does not require much careful handling. This is because swordfish, unlike other types, are not fragile or fleshy; instead, they are firm and juicy.

The taste seems familiar, like chicken, but it is a little sweeter. Make sure to not grill it for too long otherwise, it will go dry.


Cod fish is generally known as cod. However, it usually refers to the Pacific and the Atlantic cod. If you do not like fish that much, then cod is a suitable option for you to try. It is famously known as a chicken of the sea.

It is very healthy and mild meat, so it bonds well with almost every kind of seasoning. Many opt it as a classic lemon-butter rub. Cod naturally has a firm flesh. Therefore it is well suited for grilling. All you need to do is set the grill to medium-high heat for a slight char on the outside without overcooking it on the inside.


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