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What Makes A Food Halal?

Muslim faith is one of the most popular religions, and with the surge of their consumer market, understanding the terms for their services and practices is important. Faith has a significant impact on different aspects of life. Be it the way of living or eating food. One of the things you will see in a Muslim owned restraint is halal food. Let’s see what it means.

Even if you do not belong to this faith, you must have come across the term halal food. What makes it different? In this blog, we’ll be discussing all about it.

What Does The Term Halal Food Mean?

What is basically halal food? Halal word is from Arab origin that means permitted or lawful. Halal is the type of diet to be followed. For Muslims, there are 2 types of food,

  • Halal
  • Haram

Halal food is allowed, whereas haram is prohibited.

On the whole, every food item is Halal in the Islamic faith unless something is specifically prohibited in the Quran teachings.

Difference between Halal Meat and Regular Meat

Even though both the terms are applicable to many different aspects of Islamic faith; however, Halal is mostly associated with meat. Every sort of meat is Halal as long as it is slaughtered and prepared in a certain way. This comes with the exception of meat that comes from pigs (and carnivorous animals).

There is a specific way that animals should be slaughtered. Be it animals or poultry. The steps are present on how to slaughter animals in accordance with Islam. A cut through the windpipe, carotid artery, and the jugular vein.

Another part of importance is that the animal should be a hundred percent healthy and alive at the time of slaughter. The blood is let out of the carcass after making the cut. There are a few prayers that a Muslim person chants while performing this.

This way is distinct from the kind of regular meat is slaughtered. It is a practice outside of Halal slaughterhouses to stun the animal before letting them go. Why is this done? Because this step makes sure that the animal does not suffer when it is killed off.

Food And Drinks To Be Halal – Conditions

Are there any conditions for the food or beverage to be halal? Well, yes. The following parameters are important to declare something as halal food or drink.

  • The food or drink does not have any strain of haram as per shariah law.
  • The items were not made, processed, or contaminated with any haram item.
  • Transportation in a separate or fresh vehicle.
  • The food or drink must be safe for consumption by humans- non-poisonous, non-intoxicating, and non-hazardous to health.
  • No equipment that was contaminated with haram foods was used to prepare halal food.
  • The meat slaughtered as per Islamic rites


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