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What Is The Difference Between Spring Rolls And Egg Rolls?

Did you ever start craving Chinese food in the middle of the night? Egg rolls and spring rolls are two popular mouthwatering appetizers. They might sound the same, but what if we told you the two are actually pretty different? Most of us cannot distinguish between an egg roll vs. a spring roll. Don’t get confused, though, because we are here to jot down the differences for you.

What is in a Spring Roll?

A spring roll has many regional variations, despite having its origins in China. Originally, spring rolls were made of spring vegetables wrapped in something similar to thin pancakes. Over time, different versions of spring rolls started appearing, slowly taking new forms. Now, you will find spring rolls with vegetables and, sometimes, meat rolled in a thin disc dough.

What is in an Egg Roll?

Egg rolls are also appetizers found in Chinese cuisine. Although their origins are not confirmed, they are widely believed to be the creation of Chinese-American restaurants. Thick, chewy wrappers of wheat flour and eggs stuffed with a variety of combinations make these rolls. Usually, cabbage and pork fillings are put inside egg rolls. But other variations exist too.

Egg Roll Vs. Spring Roll: What Makes them Different?

The differences between a spring roll and an egg roll can be seen in their preparation, ingredients, appearance, and more. Below, we will define how you can tell them apart:

1. Preparation
You have three options to prepare spring rolls, either by frying, steaming, or baking them. But when it comes to egg rolls, you always need to fry them. Therefore, preparing both of these appetizers requires different approaches.

2. Ingredients
There is a special distinction in the dough when it comes to spring roll vs. egg roll. Both wheat and rice flour can be used with water to make spring roll wrapper dough. However, egg rolls require one essential ingredient to stick to their name: an egg! Their wrapper dough comprises water, wheat flour, and egg. The egg adds to the crunchy texture of egg rolls.

3. Appearance
The difference between spring rolls and egg rolls is also visible in their appearance. Spring roll wrappers are thinner whether you fry them or not, whereas they will be crunchy and thick in egg rolls. Moreover, spring rolls will be crispy to eat and have a lighter dough, which gives them a semi-translucent appearance. In comparison, egg rolls have a crunchy feel, which turns chewy when you bite into the inner layer.

Time to Dive Into Some Mouthwatering Snacks!

When it comes down to spring rolls vs. egg rolls, one thing is for sure: they are both flavor-packed appetizers! Although they differ in their preparation and ingredients, they have a unique appeal of their own. You can never regret choosing these scrumptious snacks for events, dinners, and something to munch on by yourself.

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