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What Is The Difference Between Indian and Pakistani Breakfasts?

India is a globally renowned country that has many regions under it. Each is home to thousands of people who have different ways of living life over several years, including different languages and, most importantly, cuisines.

Different regions aside but Pakistan, Burma, and Bangladesh were also once a part of India. This is the main reason why a lot of individuals get confused and fail to identify origin when they come across the staple dishes of every country, making them think that it is all Indian food.

This blog is a good piece of read for you if you are a food enthusiast. In search of authentic sub-continent desi food, you should know, firstly, what is Indian food? And second the difference between Pakistani and Indian food.

Indian food is a broad term set by consumers to describe the cuisine of every region of the Indian Subcontinent. What they do not know is that each nation has its distinct uniqueness and identity.

As a matter of fact, the Subcontinent encompasses a big region comprising Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, the Maldives, Nepal as well as Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. In this particular piece, we have detailed some key differences between Indian and Pakistani breakfasts, for starters.

The bread

You already have the know-how of desi foods; you must know that no dish is complete without bread. And that is where the prime difference arises; there is a noticeable dissemblance between Pakistani and Indian breakfast breads.

Pakistanis love naan – a leveled, an oven-baked flatbread that is a popular option. On the other hand, paratha – a pan-fried flatbread in ghee has a prevalence in India. Moreover, both nations have multiple varieties of flatbreads made from wheat, corn, or other grains.

The Spices

It is no joke when it comes to spices in Pakistani and Indian dishes. Both nations know how to sync them for a perfect blend. You may not notice this, but Pakistani breakfast dishes have increased spice levels in comparison with Indian breakfasts.

It may seem like a shocker, but Pakistani food is known for its bold flavors. At the same time, Indian cuisine is more subtle than theirs. Few spices in Pakistani breakfast dishes are cumin, coriander, chili peppers, and cardamom.

The Eggs

Just like bread, eggs are a huge part of desi cuisine. Pakistani breakfast eggs are much different than Indian ones because of the choice of additions available. Commonly in Pakistan, eggs are fried with onions, green chili, and spices. However, in India, omelets include various vegetables, cheese, and herbs.

The Drinks

Amongst beverages, the most demanded is tea or chai in the local language. Although both countries use the same ingredients, preparation methods differ. Indians usually add spices along with milk, tea leaves, and water, whereas in Pakistan, milk and tea leaves are enough.


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