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What is Korma? | The True Story Behind This Royal Cuisine

Rich, aromatic, and spicy — that’s the comforting smell signaling the best of South Asian cuisine. With a warm fragrance of curry and herbal spices wafting through the air, desi food is enough to make you drool. Not to mention, there are plenty of authentic dishes you can enjoy, besides the basic chicken tikka masala, of course. One such example is that of Korma.

Now, before you go and ask what Korma is, don’t worry. We’re here to cover all the basics. So, keep reading this blog if you want to dive into the world of extensive and rich flavor palates.

What is Korma?

Korma, better known as Qorma, is a South Asian curry dish made from vegetables, meat, and yogurt. It consists of a sweet yet velvety gravy, a texture that comes to be through the help of braised vegetables and aromatic spices. The best part about Korma, though, is its slight nutty undertone. This is achieved by blending together almonds, poppy seeds, cashews, and even coconut.

Considering how Korma has its roots in Mughal cuisine, it’s safe to say that once upon a time, Korma was a royal dish. In fact, it holds so much historical value that according to some, on the day of the Taj Mahal’s inauguration, Shah Jahan and his guests were served Murgh Korma (Chicken Korma) to commemorate the momentous occasion.

Is Korma Chicken or Beef?

Although Korma started as a chicken dish, it has gained immense popularity over the years among meat lovers. This is because, through the course of time, chicken began to lose its prestigious hold over other kinds of meat. Once beef became a meal for the wealthy, new additions and variations shaped the decades-old cuisine.

Nowadays, Korma usually has the base of halal beef or mutton, making the rich gravy even more of a deluxe menu item.

Is Korma Spicy?

Depending on the cook, each Korma recipe varies a little. While some prefer their gravy to be thick and spicy, others like it a bit on the sweeter side. Be it mild or sweat-inducing hot; Korma doesn’t lose its deliciousness, no matter what.

Of course, the kind of meat you use also alters the flavor palate quite a bit. For instance, chicken can make it seem creamier, whereas lamb meat can make it seem earthy. In contrast, mutton Korma offers the most intense taste punch out of all.

Do You Eat Korma With Naan or Rice?

In most places, Korma is served with naan. This can be plain naan with sesame seeds baked onto it or a zesty garlic butter naan. However, some people tend to enjoy the spicy dish with rice as well. In the end, whatever your tastebuds prefer, wins. That’s the best thing about desi food. It’s so versatile and easy to experiment with; it’s like getting the best of both worlds, all at the same time.

Where to Get Halal Desi Korma in TX?

If all this reading about Korma has you craving some nutty, spicy goodness, what are you waiting for? You can either visit or call Lazeeza Restaurant to make a reservation at (281) 580-4887 to get your fill of desi cuisine.