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What Makes A Food Halal?

Jun 15, 2022776 Views

Muslim faith is one of the most popular religions, and with the surge of their consumer market, understanding the terms for their services and practices is important. Faith has a significant impact on different aspects of life. Be it the way of living or eating food. One of the things you will see in a […]

What Is The Difference Between Indian and Pakistani Breakfasts?

May 30, 20221095 Views

India is a globally renowned country that has many regions under it. Each is home to thousands of people who have different ways of living life over several years, including different languages and, most importantly, cuisines. Different regions aside but Pakistan, Burma, and Bangladesh were also once a part of India. This is the main […]

Where To get Best Nihari In Town?

May 15, 2022183 Views

Nihari is one of the most special dishes from Pakistani cuisine that is now gaining popularity in the western world as well. It is a popular breakfast item and stands tall with pride as Pakistan’s national dish. Nihari goes back to the time of the Mughals. It is said that they would have Nihari after […]