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7 Yummylicious Sides for BBQ you Should NOT Miss

The mouthwatering smell of BBQ teasing your nostrils as the smoke unfurls — a feeling most of us are familiar with. Barbeque parties are a great way to get together with friends and families. But you know what would make these meals even more heavenly? Some scrumptious side dishes will bring out the flavor of your main dish: the chicken BBQ. So if you’re looking up ideas on sides for BBQ chicken, continue reading this blog.

Mouthwatering Sides for BBQ Chicken to Try

Food is something we can never have enough of. Hence, putting together some delicious side dishes can be the additional boost of flavor your party needs. Some sides you can try with your BBQ chicken are:

Sweet Baked Beans

Ah, yes, the classic BBQ side dish. You can easily whip up this yummy mix by combining navy beans, onion, ketchup, brown sugar, mustard, molasses, and Worcestershire sauce. Whether you mix it on a stovetop or a cracked pot, baked beans are too sweet to fail you.

Mac & Cheese

If you’re looking up creamy sides for BBQ chicken, why not try Mac & Cheese? Everyone loves delving into this cheesy pasta, especially if it is served with BBQ chicken. This cheesy side will highlight the smoky and savory flavors of barbecue, making a lip-smacking good side dish!

Greek Pasta Salad

You can’t go wrong with pasta salads! Among the multiple types of salads you can make, Greek pasta salad stands out. With its enchanting flavors of Fusilli pasta, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, and feta cheese, it is a perfect side for BBQ chicken.

Baked Wedge Fries

The delightful wedge fries have a rich flavor that is to die for. You should, without a doubt, add them to your list of sides for BBQ chicken. First, boil the potatoes for 3 minutes before you bake them. Yes, these fries are super tasty, and they aren’t even fried — they’re baked! These crispy baked wedge fries will pair perfectly with your BBQ chicken.

Sweet Potatoes

We love to munch on the entire potato family, including sweet potatoes. You can try various options if you choose to go with the flavorful sweet potatoes. From fries to baked to mashed, sweet potatoes are a delight in any form. Their sweetness perfectly contrasts the richness of BBQ chicken, making them a fantastic side for your main savory.

Potato Salad

But will we ever have enough of the potato clan? No, we will definitely not. Potato is not only finger-licking good when served as fries, but you can also make the classic potato salad. Potato salad sides work with almost every dish, particularly BBQ chicken. This creamy, soft salad will bring out the rich taste of your main dish.


Sometimes, a bowl of steaming rice is an appetizing side with your BBQ chicken. With this starchy side dish, the smoky chicken sauce blends perfectly in your mouth. And even better? You can go for the healthy brown rice alternative, too, although it takes longer to cook.

Craving Some BBQ Chicken?

There are many sides you can try for your BBQ chicken, each complimenting it in a unique way. Whether you want something sweet, starchy, or spicy, the many available options will have what you need. And if you’re craving some BBQ chicken, Lazeeza Restaurant is just a few digits away. Dial 281-580-4887 to contact us now.