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5 Reasons Why Iced Tea Should Be Your All-Time Beverage

Hydration is essential for everyone, as it helps balance the minerals in our body and keeps us healthy. Plus, it is good for our skin! But apart from the boring old water, you have some flavored and nutritious options to stay hydrated. For instance, iced tea is an excellent drink to replenish your body’s fluid. So, is iced tea good for you? Yes, and we will tell you why in this blog.

Why Is Iced Tea Good for You?

Iced tea, especially unsweetened, can be really beneficial for your health. It keeps you cool in the heat. Moreover, it is an amazing source of manganese. The benefits do not end here, as iced tea is good for you in numerous ways. These include:

1 – It Can Help You Lose Weight
Unsweetened iced tea is low in natural sugars and calories, which makes it an excellent candidate to have in your weight loss journey. Hence, if you are a consumer of sweetened beverages, you might want to switch to iced tea instead. What’s even better is that drinking unsweetened iced tea will make you feel refreshed and full without increasing your daily calorie count.

2 – It Can Help Strengthen Your Immune System
Iced tea has the benefits of black tea; what makes it different is the ice. Tea contains antioxidants and nutrients that assist your body in guarding against pathogens and infections. You can further strengthen your immune system by drinking iced tea with ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Hence, while treating yourself and your taste buds, iced tea is actually working to defend your body.

3 – It Contains Manganese & Flouride
Our bones can weaken as we age, but not if we drink iced tea. Iced tea comprises manganese and fluoride, and both of these can be highly beneficial. These minerals can aid in preventing the onset of osteoporosis. Moreover, they can contribute to protecting your bone mineral density too.

When it comes to dental health, fluoride plays a vital role. It is an essential mineral that helps strengthen our tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay. Other than this, it can keep our bones strong, support your metabolism, and might help prevent tissue damage.

4 – You Can Lower The Risk of Diabetes

Having iced tea with no milk or sugar can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, it can also prove to be beneficial for people with prediabetes. Therefore, sip on some unsweetened iced tea to avoid pricking your fingers in the future.

5 – It is Nutritious
There are wide varieties of iced tea. You can have it black or green or with lemon; the choice is yours. They will have their own nutritional profiles. Iced black tea, for instance, has low levels of potassium, sugar, manganese, caffeine, and other antioxidants. Hence, talk to your dietitian to get the sufficient amount of nutrients present in iced tea.

What to Do Now?

Iced tea is good for you as it helps in weight loss, helps strengthen your immune system, lowers the risk of diabetes, and is nutritious. Iced tea also contains fluoride and manganese, which can provide multiple benefits. Lazeeza Restaurant has the best dishes from South Asian cuisine. Our variety of dishes and beverages includes iced tea. You can give us a ring at 281-580-4887.